Polka Dot Moratorium

This is a picture of my favorite bathing suit:

It’s very cute. I look very cute in it. So much so, that I have taken pictures in it when I was in Palm Springs and have shared those photos with friends and family.

Somehow this has given the people the go ahead to purchase me things that are red with white polka dots.

Three of these items (gift bag, “oh what fun” panties, cupcake papers) came to me this Christmas. I like these things. These things are cute and funny.

And I’m putting a stop to it right now. I like polka dots. I want to continue to like polka dots. Don’t give me any more shit with polka dots on it. I don’t want to be that person that liked that thing with cows on it and then someone buys me something else with a cow on it which is like, alright, but then it becomes a “thing” where people give me shit with cows on it and all of a sudden I’m 60 years old and I have a house full of crap that has cows on it or looks like a cow or moo’s and I grow not only to hate cows but to hate the people who think of me as “The Cow Lady.”

I don’t want to be the polka dot lady.

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