Club 33, Take Two

This past Sunday my BFF and I went to Club 33 again. No real reason, just, to go because we can and it’s Halloweentime at Disneyland aka THE BEST time at Disneyland.

Being able to go to Club 33 is special, so, we get dressed up for it. For some unknown reason, I was feeling creative and decided to do my hair in victory rolls, which I’d never done before. I’m so thankful for the internet and all the wonderful women around the world who have made tutorials. It still took me an hour to do, but I was fairly successful. Also, I’m wearing the nautical Netti dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. Ahoy!

We got to the parks early and decided to walk around and shop at Disneyland California Adventure. I saw that Goofy was all dressed up and typically, I don’t wait in line to take photos with the characters; however, I figured since I was also somewhat dressed up, this photo opportunity was not to be missed. First, Goofy took my hand and spun me around, then we posed for pics.

We went in and out of dozens of shops and in the shop where they sell mostly The Little Mermaid items, I spotted this shirt that depicts Ariel staring at a vulva with a gaping vaginal opening:

Am I right?!

So, reservations were at 6p so we skipped over to Disneyland after I bought nothing at DCA. Which was fine. I don’t need more shit.

I’m going to be brief about the Club 33 experience this second time around. If you want more information, you can see the Wikipedia article or this webpage made by a fan/member. You can also check out my post from when I first went.

Fyshie and I took a picture outside of the special elevator:

Then, obligatory picture of the Club 33 salt shaker:

Here are a couple pics of the current menu, hopefully you can zoom:

The amuse bouche was supposed to be rare kobe beef with bell peppers, but since I’m allergic to the latter, I got melon and a tomato with balsamic vinegar. Hm. I started off with the Corn Bisque w/ Pork Belly WHICH FUCKING BLEW MY MIND! I forsee making lots of soups this winter, if it ever gets cold here in LA. Doubtful, I know. Then I had a cheese plate which was full of deliciousness. My entree was the duck, with skin on, on a bed of orange-flavoured polenta, a Grand Marnier foam, Mission figs, and wilted arugula. The duck was delicious and with the orange in the polenta, it was damn near perfection. For dessert I had a duet of creme brulees, one being vanilla, the other, honey-lemon, with raspberries that had been a bit macerated and some biscotti on the side. Of this, I took a picture:


On our way out, we took pictures on the bench near a window looking over New Orleans Square:


Then we waddled over to the Haunted Mansion (we had picked up Fast Passes when we first got there).




Then I picked up some mouse ears which I’m going to modify. I’ll post about that when I do! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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