I have a crush on a business

First off, if you’re reading this, you probably know that the sure way to get me to love you forever is to send me snail mail

You also may be somewhat familiar with my obsession for desserts. Yes, I like to bake, but it goes wayyyy beyond that. I love all sweets. Not necessarily eating them, I just like how they look. They always look fun and yummy and inviting. And candy! I LOVE candy stores! The bright colours, the smell of sweet, the different shapes and textures of candies. When I was a young child, I used to take out my Candyland board and just stare at it, imagining I lived in such a place. That being said, I won’t even start about my obsession with Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. I read “The Chocolate Touch” countless times in elementary school.

I read about Sugarfina on Twinkie Chan’s blog. I have been looking for an excuse to order from them since I read that post in September. 

And now the holidays have come around and I have excuses to buy ridiculous things that I wouldn’t spend money on the rest of the year.

I apologize for the shitty pictures. I was taking them as I was opening the box and I was so overly excited that, well, good photography wasn’t exactly the first thing on my mind.

Outsides of the box:Image




Open up the box to see my HAND-WRITTEN THANK YOU NOTE!!! And boxes of goodies.

ImageThe Caffeine Fix box on the top is a tasting box which they included for free with my order of $50 or more. The box has 1oz portions of 8 different caffeine-themed candies. They also do tasting boxes of other candy themes, such as gummies (my favourite kinds of candy, btw) and Cocktail Hour. The Caffeine Fix box, shown below, comes with an info card on each of the candies included.



As you see, they also included a $5 gift certificate to apply to my next order! Hooray!

My order included two gift cards that come in little purses that feel a bit heavy so I’m pretty sure they have some samples inside and I ordered the Cuba Libre gummies for myself because it obviously combines two of my favorite treats, rum & coke and gummy candies. They are delicious and the texture of the gummies gets an A+. Very very well-done. They also threw in a couple of samples. Champagne gummy bears, the Brut tasted like pineapple but the Rosè was light and delicate and delicious. The other sample was of apricot hearts (more gummies) which had a gentle apricot flavour, but it tasted quite good, not unlike an apricot jam.


Their packaging and presentation is so well-done that the actual candy almost seems secondary to me, even though the candy is delicious as well. I haven’t tried any of the caffeine box tastings yet. Will keep you posted!



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  1. What a sweet post, thank you! We’re so happy you loved the candies, Cuba Libre is one of our faves too!
    Rosie & Josh @ Sugarfina

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