I went to the Magic Castle!

I wish this post could be longer and filled with more detail than it is, but there are two things standing in the way:

1. No pictures allowed inside except for in the crowded and very small lobby.

2. The bartenders were heavy pours and I was a few sheets to the wind for most of the evening.

But hey, I looked amazing in the Grace dress from Pinupgirlclothing.com:

Magic CastleThe dress is beautiful but heavy. I felt like Maria von Trapp wearing a whole parlour full of curtains. Gorgeous, gorgeous curtains. The shoes are by GUESS.

My date and I were told that we both look great by some guy (not an employee) before we even walked into the building. In fact, my coat was still on and covering most of my dress, so I was convinced he mostly meant that my date looked great, which he did.

The Magic Castle is a labyrinth of rooms and I could have spent all night exploring. I loved every square inch of the building I saw and we were convinced we didn’t even see all of it. I did stumble upon the library and wanted to introduce myself to the librarian, but since there was mostly rum from my 2 Dark n Stormys running through my veins, I decided to keep to myself.

We had the 6pm seating for dinner, for which I was thankful because it allowed us more time to explore and see magic later in the evening. I had a simple pasta dish, penne with chicken and vodka sauce. It was very underwhelming and I was not impressed though admittedly, I doubt people go there for the food.

We saw magic in large spaces, medium spaces, and small rooms where we sat at the same table as the magician. I do love card tricks and I couldn’t get enough of them.

My absolute favorite part wasn’t magic and won’t be surprising to those of you who know me: Behind one of the bars is a small room with a piano. At the piano sits Irma, the ghost pianist (aka, an empty chair) and she plays the piano. She has a birdcage with her ghost bird and if you slip some money into the bird cage, Irma will play your request, which you just speak aloud into the air. It IS possible to stump Irma, and I think she is also picky about what she wants to play. My friend requested “Hasa Diga Eebowai” from “The Book of Mormon,” but Irma didn’t play it. My date whispered a BRILLIANT idea to me and so I walked up, put a dollar into the birdcage, and after greeting Irma, I asked her to play, “Springtime for Hitler.” I barely finished voicing the request and she started playing it without hesitation and with gusto. One of the highlights of my evening, besides my very attractive date, my wonderful friend who invited me, and her friends that made up our group of 8.

Definitely a magical evening 🙂

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