Clearly, my uterus is roaming

It’s that time where I am more agitated than normal (is that possible?) 

Sometimes, I use the term “crazy” in reference to myself. Yes, I know that term is loaded and referring to women as “crazy” is a notable problem in our society. But, I can talk about myself however I want and my brain is crazytown right now.

This is the thing that made me step back this evening and say, “whoa, I’m out of control:”

I found myself getting unreasonably upset at the term “polyamorous.” “Poly-” come from Greek. “-Amorous” comes from Latin. It should be, and I could be wrong but again, crazytown, “multiamorous” or “polyphilic.” I WAS SO UPSET for about an hour.

I’ve made myself some tea and I’m doing better now.

And yes yes people can use whatever terms they want to and so forth but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t bother me.

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