Imaginary Casting for Imaginary Musicals: Game of Thrones edition

The other day, when I taught Cole that people die in musicals, he said, “A Game of Thrones, the Musical?”

“I’d totally come out of my theatre retirement to audition for that,” I said.

“And who would you be? Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons?”

“Maybe,” I said. “Perhaps colour-blind casting is in order.” pause “At least you didn’t say, ‘who would you be? The Imp?’ I would have hit you.”

But then it got me thinking about how one could play with race and gender in the casting of a Game of Thrones musical. My first thought was instead of making the Lannisters blonde, make them all dark-skinned or contrariwise, keep the Lannisters blonde but make Robert Baratheon dark-skinned, which would then make for some really interesting (and glaring) things when we talk about Robert’s bastards and his seed being strong.

The other thing I was thinking is make Tyrion a female character. Still make her fond of whores and fond of getting drunk, quick-witted and a lover of reading, but make her female.

And yes, I know of Coldplay’s Game of Thrones musical thing for Red Nose Day. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve linked to it here if you’re interested.

I like to think of imaginary casts for imaginary shows or imaginary productions of actual shows. Like, I want to take The Sound of Music and put it in the antebellum South with Maria being a woman of colour. This is all my ploy to be able to sing the Lonely Goatherd.

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