More New Orleans

The first image, the drink in the Hurricane glass, is a Goody, from the Carousel Bar & Lounge at the Hotel Monteleone. This drink was invented there and tastes suspiciously like a Mai Tai. As I love Mai Tais, I thought this drink was delicious.


Some of the menu from the Carousel Bar.


Plantation Daquiri (photo below, ingredients in photo above).


The Carousel Bar! It actually all rotates, seats and all. It’s a very very slow rotation.


Delicious roasted brussels sprouts from Lüke Restaurant. My coworker had some oysters as well as some rabbit pate which he said was delicious.


Pork Schnitzel, also from Lüke. And a mint julep in the background. I took two sips. It was then that I learned that I don’t like bourbon, but at least I tried!


Shaved brussels sprouts salad from Sylvain. I like brussels sprouts. Also, it’s not easy to find vegetables in New Orleans and it’s not a place for vegetarians. It’s especially not a place for vegans (as you see, all the brussels sprouts pictured in this post are covered in cheese) and it’s not a place for anyone highly allergic to seafood/shellfish.


Curried potato empanadas, also from Sylvain. Yum yum!


Below is some information about Pierre Maspero’s, which is a historic site where slaves were bought and sold. It is now a restaurant.


I had the Grand Gallette. Alligator sausage, tomatoes, cheese, scrambled eggs, and a gallette of herbed potatoes underneath. I really enjoy alligator.


I have yet more pictures to share once I get them off my camera, and some stories as well. Stay tuned!

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