BBHG 2015, the rest of it

So many tiki bars! If we include Palm House, we hit 3 tiki bars in 2.5 days. I’m feeling pretty good about that.

At Smuggler’s Cove we had the Top Notch Volcano. I also had a Kona Cocktail then an Aku Aku. All were delightful. We lined up at the door at 4:30p (they open at 5p) and I’m glad we did. Seating areas are at a premium so if you go, definitely get there early. And it’s totally worth the wait.

We toured St. George Distillery in Alameda and had a tasting as well. I loved that, especially the tour. Since we ferment our own alcohol I was fascinated to learn about the distillation process (other than what I’ve read). Their rum, which they refer to as a California Agricole, is more on the savory side. Instead of being made from molasses, it’s made from the sugar cane so it’s more grassy and earthy. It also has notes of artichokes, olives, and truffles. I did not care for it but I’m glad to have tasted it. Their spiced pear liquer is amazing as is their coffee liquer. The green pepper vodka smelled lovely (though, I can’t have it because of allergies). It made me want tacos.

After St. George’s, we went and had some German food then waited in line at another tiki bar, Forbidden Island. I’m totally in love with this bar. I bought the tiki glass you see in one of the pictures below. It’s the official Forbidden Island glass. We then went back to Dani’s and had some dinner and played Cards Against Humanity. There were a lot of great hands played, but I took a picture (below) of a round that I judged and let’s just say, I was proud of everyone.


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