Another Disney Day

This weekend we went to Disneyland. Here are a couple of pictures and some highlights.

While in line for the Haunted Mansion, a little kid (about five years old) was screwing around, as little kids do, and he rammed his head into Cole’s butt. It was hilarious.

Parks were super busy this weekend. Super super busy.

Whoever was bartending at the tiki bar was very heavy-handed. I ordered a Mai Tai, which is not a clear drink but it had much more rum than usual and less juices so it wasn’t as opaque as it should have been. We decided to get some cheap food in the park, then go to the tiki bar to have drinks. We concentrated on not spending a ton of money there this weekend and we know that the things we spend the most money on are food items. I think we did pretty well.

We went over to Tom Sawyer Island, which they actually call Pirate’s Lair or something like that. I don’t know. I refuse to call it anything other than Tom Sawyer Island. It was nice and quiet over there with lots of shade and lots of places to sit.

When we went over to California Adventure we walked over to Soarin’ Over California to get fast passes but they were ‘sold out.’ As we stood there, a guy came over and said, “here, do you want these?” he gave us two fast passes for Soarin’ which were good immediately AND a pass that got us right onto the Hollywood Tower of Terror, both rides that we wanted to ride and not wait in line for! We were really excited about that.

We went over to the wine terrace and had a drink (beer & cider). There was a male couple next to us with their son and one of the dads was tickling the kid and the kid was making hysterical laughter noises which made us laugh. The other dad looked over at us and shook his head at the silliness and I said, “It’s okay, he [pointing at Cole] makes the same sounds when I tickle him.” I’d caught both the guys off guard and they laughed really hard.

We went over to Bug’s Land and saw the 4D thingy called “It’s Tough Being a Bug.” I don’t remember ever having seen it. It’s a bit creepy and there were a couple things that were really surprising that made the audience (me included) scream. Now that I’ve done it I feel like I don’t have to do it ever again.

Saturday night means swing dancing in Downtown Disney. We did a little bit of dancing, but since we had a backpack it was a bit hard. We hopped back on the monorail to go into Disneyland and went on some more rides after the fireworks so I could sober up and drive home.

It was a really good day. I wore my fitbit. We were at Disneyland for about 12 hours and logged over 24,000 steps. That’s over 10 miles of steps. Wheee!




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  1. I grew up in Long Beach, which is to say I grew up at Disneyland. I love that place. I am enjoying it vicariously through you, now, so thanks for the full reports and pics! 🙂

    • Thanks for reading and for leaving comments 😀 I’ve been a life-long Disneyland fan.

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