Special Event at Disneyland!

On Tuesday we went to a special event at Disneyland for Annual Pass Holders. About 6 weeks ago I got a notice that there would be this event and it’s necessary to RSVP for it, so I did. They closed the park at 9pm and only allowed registered guests from 9p-1a. We arrived around 7p and checked in to get our wristbands (pictured below) and were handed a special schedule and some postcards (also pictured  below). We ran over to Disneyland California Adventure and grabbed a couple chicken sandwiches before that park closed at 8pm. We then went to the tiki bar and had a drink before wandering back into Disneyland. We got into Disneyland at about 8:40p while the fireworks were happening. We were really curious about how Disneyland was going to kick people out who didn’t have wrist bands. We went over and got in a very short (under 20 minutes) line for Star Tours. When we exited the ride into the Star Trader (Tomorrowland’s main shopping establishment), we saw that they had the doors to the outside mostly closed, with cast members standing at the doors and turning away people without wrist bands. So that’s how they did it. They had cast members checking for wrist bands at every open ride, store, and restaurant. They even had cast members checking wrist bands at the openings of certain walkways.

Some of the special things they had going on that night were a free download of all photopass pictures, some characters out for meet & greets such as Jafar and Stitch, live music at the Tomorrowland Terrace pretty much the whole night, and what I was really excited about, they did the Paint the Night Parade! The Paint the Night Parade is Disneyland’s new and insanely bright LED electric parade. We were planning on sometime going to the park after work to camp out to see the parade because seating fills up but since they did it during this special event, we got great seats and didn’t have to camp out for two hours! The Parade was amazing. Doesn’t have the charm of the original Electric Light Parade and by the end, I was definitely on sensory overload, but I’m still glad we finally got to see it.

We didn’t wait maybe more than 15 minutes for any ride and we literally walked right on to Pirates of the Caribbean. There was only one other person in our boat on that ride and the boats in front of us and behind us were both empty. We rode Space Mountain twice in a row and also got to ride the terrifyingly updated Matterhorn without having to wait in line for an hour.

There were hardly any children around during the event and I saw under a dozen strollers. It was truly magical. Yes, I just said Disneyland is extra magical when there are no children there.

wpid-20150902_011911.jpg wpid-20150902_150439.jpg

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