An update

Went to boxing class Tuesday and Thursday of this week. No longer feel like I’m dying the next day, so I take that as a plus. I still can’t do a push-up (no ‘girl push-ups’ allowed) but I’m trying! I’ll get there. The warm-up portion and the core workout portion are terrible. But the boxing part? I could punch the thing all day long or at least until my arms fall off. Punching is good.

On Wednesday, since there was no boxing, we jogged/walked the Rose Bowl. Jogging is terrible. But it didn’t kill me so I will keep doing it. The goal is to be able to jog the entire 5k of the Rose Bowl Loop.

Last night after boxing I made a vegetarian chili out of the American Heart Association Quick & Easy Cookbook. Some of the recipes out of that book are winners but this one was fairly bland. Palatable, but bland.

Cole is having a potluck at work today and was told to bring something from his culture. I suggested Hot Pockets. I ended up baking chocolate chip cookies for him to bring because I’m the nicest person in the world. THE NICEST.

Tomorrow we’re having a small dinner party and wine tasting. We have some apple wines that have been aging over the past couple of years and we need to pop them open and give them a taste. Since they are in standard size wine bottles, we invited friends over in case the wine is actually good and we need to finish off the bottle. I’m also using this as an excuse to make a cake. Yep, this is all just a clever ploy to get drunk and eat cake. I’ll be attempting a yellow layer cake with chocolate frosting. I’ve not made yellow cake from scratch before so this is a first. I learned about these Wilton Bake-Even Strips on a baking blog I follow so I picked up a pack at Michael’s and I’ll give them a go. I often avoid layer cakes because I’m no good at leveling them, even with a cake level. We’ll see how it goes!

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