The birthday month continues!

Yesterday I actually received two surprise packages. Not only did I get one from my mom on Maui, but I received another from my Auntie on Oahu. Check out this gorgeous tissue paper action:


I finally got a Harry Potter colouring book! I’ve been wanting all of these but hadn’t gotten any yet.


The title of the artwork on this card is “Phantom of the O-purr-a” and a Disney gift card!


I GOT ANOTHER DISH TOWEL! I fucking love a good dish towel. I use dish towels quite often because we cook often. This one is perfect.


A TINY DISH! I LOVE TINY THINGS THAT I COULD PUT OTHER TINY THINGS INTO! I put one of my necklaces in it for scale. I’d say it’s about 4″ in diameter. It’s perfect for my daily necklace and earrings.





I think this pancake mix has sprinkles in it. I’m very excited about it. Cole had his wisdom teeth out today but once he can start eating more substantial food, we’re going to be having rainbow pancakes!


Love me some chocolate-covered macadamia nuts!


This box was delivered while I was at home on my lunch break and I was literally jumping up and down and shouting “I FUCKING LOVE ____” with each thing I unwrapped. Thank you so much, Auntie Laurie!

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  1. That’s so cool. Thanks for sharing your goodies. 🙂

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