Go home, Duolingo. You’re drunk.

We are going to Cancun in June and while I’m sure that everyone will be speaking English at the resort we will be at, I still want to learn a bit of basic Spanish. So, I’ve been using the Duolingo app on my phone and on the computer.

I forgot how weird the sentences can be when you first learn a language and they’re trying to teach you vocabulary. I just got asked to translate the following sentence:

Quiero más uvas en mi pastel.

If you don’t know what it means, it means: “I want more grapes in my cake.” WHO THE HELL PUTS GRAPES IN CAKES?! I’ve also had to say things like “Los elefantes beben leche.” Yep, the elephants drink milk.

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  1. Given that elephants do indeed drink milk, and therefore Duolingo is correct, it may be that you are simply out of touch with the ubiquity of grapes in cakes.
    Something to ponder.

    • I don’t doubt that elephants drink milk, I just have no idea about in which situation I would need to be able to say that in Spanish. And grapes in cakes does not sound appetizing.

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