Things are getting interesting!

A few weeks ago I answered BookRiot‘s call for writer applications. I have a degree in writing. I can write. But I never imagined myself as a Writer™, though I always think of myself as a story teller. If you know me, then you know this: I fucking LOVE books. I saw BookRiot’s call for applications and I thought, “Self, you can totally write about books all day long. And they aren’t even asking you to write all day long, just two posts per month. You can do that!”

Yesterday I got an email from the Managing Editor that they liked my writing samples and they’re moving me on to the next step which entails posting my writing samples as Guest Posts and if they like the reaction they see, then I’ll be 100% on board. I was told that if I made it this far, they’re pretty sure that I’ll be passing this second hurdle into writerhood. Is that a word? It is now.

They noted that last time they put the call out for writers they received over 1,200 applications and from that they took on less than twenty new contributors.

I am jumping out of my skin with excitement! And shock. This is very surreal.

I get to choose my own topics <insert cheshire cat grin>. I WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE! Unless, you know, the editors stop me. But considering the subjects of my writing samples (to which I’ll post links as soon as they’re up), I’m not worried.

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