Dapper Day Spring 2016

Every Spring and Fall there is an event called Dapper Day at the Disney parks in California, Florida, and France. People get dressed up in fancy dress and sometimes Disneybounding  (using items in your own closet to create looks outside of costumed or cosplay looks which represent your favorite Disney character) and spend a day in the park. There is also an expo held at the hotel with dozens of vendors and music.

Some pictures of the kind of outfits at Disneyland’s Dapper Day this weekend can be seen here, here, and here.

Some of our photos are below. My dress was super soft and nice-feeling and there was a little girl around 2 years old in line behind us while we waited to get photos with Mickey Mouse. And she was obsessed with my dress and kept touching it and stroking it and at one point Cole said he turned around and looked and she just had her face all wrapped up in my dress and was rubbing it up and down her cheeks. Her mom picked her up and said, “Stop touching her dress!” About 2 minutes later, I feel her tiny hand petting my head and stroking my hair. Because my hair was very different than her hair. So, she pet me for about a minute until her mom said, “Keep your hands to yourself.” Then she set her down. And she started petting my dress again. I turned around and smile and said it was okay, she’s two. I wasn’t going to freak out over a child being curious. But I could just tell in the way the little girl looked at me she was like HOLY SHIT THIS HUMAN IS AMAZING AND I WANT TO PET HER THIS ENTIRE 45 MINUTES WE ARE IN LINE. And she basically did.

To be honest, I did not mind at all. I’d rather her be mesmerized and quiet than having a meltdown. And there were MANY MELTDOWNS witnessed in the 4 hours we were at Disneyland. No thank you. Happy to be childfree!

Also, you’ll note that a couple of the pictures have some special guests. One of whom we were unaware of prior to receiving the pictures. They are so absolutely ridiculous that I now want to take pictures with the official Disneyland photographers all the time. ALL. THE. TIME.

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