Beyond what I ever imagined

I have received an unexpected and overwhelming response to my BookRiot post on Rereading Harry Potter as self-care:

375 shares on Facebook

2K+ reactions on Facebook

2K+ shares via Feedly

2.5K+ shares via the BookRiot site directly.

This does not include the dozens and dozens of feed aggregators and such that I do not personally use and monitor.

What has affected me most has been the comments on the various platforms:

“My husband has started listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks while during his high season (tax season). He said they are perfect because he can dip in and out of them, and I think they are comforting for him at a time of the year that is particularly stressful and unpleasant for him.”

“Me, too. It’s my self-care series. When my girls were in their rollover accident, even though everything was okay, I needed Harry’s story to restore the illusion of order and calm in my life.”

I knew I wasn’t the only one that read it like this!

I saw all the movies years and years ago. I read the books for the first time after a really awful relationship and breakup 2 years ago. It pulled me through, now I go back everytime I need an escape from myself.

somebody understands finally

The most moving response I received was someone who sent me a private message:

“Hello, Patricia You don’t know me, but I read your post on book riot about why you reread Harry Potter. I can’t even begin to tell how much I related to it. I took the liberty of translating it to Brazilian Portuguese (I’m Brazilian) and posted it on my facebook.

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 7, was a really instrospect child with nearly no friends and a really troubled family (my dad was an alcoholic)


During that time, I started to have suicidal thoughts and actually tried to do it a couple of times, but always came to senses before it was too late


I reached out for HP, in a similar way as you, and it is the only thing that gave me strength


Hogwarts was a place where I could have a happy life with friends I knew so well, and I still feel the same way about it


So, I just wanted to thank you for writing such a beautiful text about something with such importance and meaning


And always remember: you are not alone, Hogwarts will always welcome you with open arms.”


I did not imagine that my post would resonate with so many people as it did. I’m overwhelmed by the love and sense of community, the whispers of “Yes, me too” to this very specific form of coping. The Bloggess had mentioned this in one of her recent posts as well.

I doubt anything else I ever write again will be this widespread. It’s all cat gifs and dick jokes from here on. But it feels good to have done a thing and to have this feeling of connection. Thank you, everyone.

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