I learned about myself at the Beyoncé concert

I didn’t plan on it, but when I was recently up in Seattle my friend and I ended up at the Beyoncé concert. When your friend says, “I know you’re here for a conference but I might be able to get Beyoncé tickets, do you want to go?” YOU SAY YES AND YOU ARE NOT SORRY.


Before the concert, I liked Beyoncé. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I had nothing against her and I liked her voice. But after the concert I’m like HOLY SHIT WHY IS THERE NOT MORE BEYONCÉ IN MY LIFE?!


Her band is AMAZING. Her dancers are AMAZING. Everything about that concert was just fucking AMAZING.

It also made me realize that I miss having long hair so I’m going to grow my hair out.

I learned that I have no patience for sloppy drunk people in their 20s. Or any age, really. I have NO TIME for your inability to walk in heels and falling (“dancing”) into our personal space because you’ve been drinking.

Know what else I learned I don’t have time for? The ignorant 20-somethings next to us that sat down and started playing with their phones when Beyoncé was doing a tribute to Prince. I get angry at things, but there are few times I would qualify it as rage. This was one of those times.



The tribute to Prince was simple and lovely. After she sang “The Beautiful Ones,” they changed all the stage lights to purple and played “Purple Rain” while they had a costume change. We were in an outdoor stadium and it was lightly drizzling and I did my best to hold my shit together.


Moral of the story: SLAY EVERY DAY


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  1. I adore her. Great post. And great gifs you’ve adorned it with, too!
    I bet you’ll look trippy with long hair. 😀

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