Brains are fascinating

I can honestly say that I’ve never hated my body (except when it betrays me with allergies, mental illness, etc.) That is to say, I’ve typically always been alright with how I’ve looked at whatever size and dealt with this being the only body I have to work with. That’s not to say that I haven’t occasionally wished I had a different body from time to time, but I still feel my relationship with my body has always been fairly healthy for someone who was born female and generally presents as a woman.

I almost always never wear a bikini, though. Even as a child, I never liked the feeling of my midsection showing. I didn’t like the draftiness of it and wearing a bikini just makes me feel like I’m going out in my chonies. If I had to pick a least favourite part of my body, it’d be my midsection. Also, I think my boobs are out of control.

But, we’re going on a trip to Cancun soon and I want more bathing suit options than the one I have. The one have is great, but I keep hearing the siren song of this beauty:

And this one:

(photos are links)

So I went to the Pinup Girl Clothing Boutique today to try one on and here’s why I think brains are fascinating:

I grabbed the separates off the rack in the sizes I *thought* would work: a large bottom and a 2XL top.

The bottoms were totally fine. No problems there.

But the top was comically large on me. What my brain thinks of my body size and what my actual body size is were 100% inaccurate when it comes to the top half. I had a similar experience yesterday when buying jeans. I tried on jeans that were two full sizes too large for me. I didn’t realize that I have been overestimating my size. How long have I been doing this? Do I think this when I look in the mirror? How should I be feeling about my doing this?

I have no answers, I just find it very interesting.

At the Boutique the kind employee placed an order for tops in both XL and L (they had none in stock) so I’ll maybe be trying those on later this week and who knows, I may have myself a bikini or two.

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