My new favorite thing to do when I fly

Before we left for our recent trip I stopped at Trader Joe’s and bought some chocolates to give to the flight crew since it was a long (~5 hours) flight. They were very grateful. On the way there, I got extra snacks and the entire can of ginger ale instead of just a cup full.

On the way back, I gave chocolates to the flight crew again and near the end of the flight they stopped by my seat with the first class food cart and gave me a pile of the first class snacks in thanks for the chocolates I gave them. I got chocolate-covered blueberries and acai berries, fancy granola bars, kettle potato chips, Oreo cookies, and more.

As they pulled the cart away, a man wearing an American flag – Superman Logo t-shirt nearby asked if he could have snacks from that cart too. The flight attendant said no, those snacks were for the first class passengers. He was NOT happy. He noted that I just got a pile of snacks and was not sitting in first class. He asked for the flight attendant’s name. The lead attendant, the one who gave me the snacks, came over and asked him if he was giving the crew a hard time. He complained about not getting snacks and was trying to be a bully. The lead attendant told him that I brought them chocolates and I was being kind and maybe he should learn a thing or two about being nice.

I thought about eating all the snacks really loudly and saying how delicious they were, but I did not. I definitely thought about it, though.

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