No shame in our eating game

While in Cancun we stayed at the Moon Palace Resort. The wedding we were there for had the reception in their Brazilian restaurant. If you’ve never been to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant, here’s the basics of how it works:

There is a salad bar with salads, fruits, and side dishes. They give you a bit of time to go fill your plates. I’m here to tell you that all that is bullshit and you should avoid it. They’re just trying to fill you up on lettuce so that you have less room for the amazing meat-extravaganza which is to follow. I never get anything from the salad bar. I just sit at my place at the table and wait.

What am I waiting for? I’m waiting for the server to come over with a huge skewer of meat. There is a little marker at each place setting, much like a drink coaster but sometimes it’s a light. One side is red, the other is green. If you leave the green side showing, it means “yes please, I would like meat.” When you don’t want the meat fairy to stop near you, you turn your market to red. They often serve at least 6 different meats. Steaks and pork and sausages and chicken and lamb and sometimes some exotic things.

Cole and I just left our markers on green the whole evening.

After the servers had come around with one of each type of meat that was being served that night, they asked if anyone would like another round of something. Cole and I said, “Yes! Flank steak and chicken!” So, they came back around and we were stuffing ourselves with what was now maybe our 8th and 9th servings of meat.

I happen to glance down the end of the table and I notice that out of maybe 40 people total, Cole and I were the only people still eating. We were also the only people who still even had plates. Everyone else’s plates were cleared. I elbowed Cole, “psst. We’re the only people still shoving meat in our faces. And I have the feeling that they aren’t going to cut the wedding cake until we are done.”

We turned our markers to red and quickly ate what was on our plates.

We regret nothing.

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  1. Still, it was big of you to take one for the team like that. 😀

  2. You two are amazing

  3. […] shorts and peasant tops. Sunday night after the Brazilian BBQ extravaganza I wrote about here, we changed our clothes and went walking around the resort and stumbled upon karaoke. If for some […]

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