BBHG 2016

July 15 – 17, 2016 was the 5th annual Bitches with Black Hair and Glasses conference. This year was Southern California. I cannot remember most of the stories to tell them to you because I was drunk much of the time. So, sorry ’bout it.

The NorCal contingent got in on Thursday night. Friday was for Disneyland. I made sure there was nothing but the best for my ladies (tiki bar, dinner at Carthay Circle, fancy drinks at the Cove Bar, sitting in the very front of the monorail). Saturday we had brunch at our favorite German place, the Red Lion Tavern. Then we went and got matching tattoos at RICROKS Tattoos. We have been discussing this for a couple of years. No impulses here. Also, RICROKS is amazing. The walls are covered in crucifixes and there’s nothing but Spanish language music playing. Ric, the owner and artist who tattooed us, is the sweetest most adorable man you will ever meet. While I was going to the bathroom the other ladies voted that I got to get my tattoo first. I WAS GOING TO VOLUNTEER ANYWAY, CHICKENS! After tattoos we tried to go to a tiki bar but were thwarted by huge crowds and a classic car show, so we went back to Amy’s, invented a drink (the BitchWhip). We actually invented a couple of drinks during this conference but the second needs some testing before releasing it out into the world.

Amy’s lovely husband cooked for us (and Cole) and we sat out on the patio and drank. Then made fortune tellers out of paper because we’re adults and we do what we want. Then we empowered Yvonne to make one all by herself and she sure as shit did. There’s no stopping that one.

Sunday morning the four of us ladies and Cole went to Drag Brunch at Hamburger Mary’s in WeHo. It was fucking magical and it’s the closest I’ll ever get to a church ever again in my life. We opened up with a gospel song (the theme song from “The Jeffersons”) and had tons of food and huge drinks. Amazing. 5 stars. Would go again.

We stopped by the fancy sex toy shop (The Pleasure Chest) because duh. Then did a little window shopping on Melrose. Parted ways at about 3:30p.

I’m too tired to edit down the pictures so you just get a ton of them. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Also, new shirts this year! Fuck yeah! And buttons were made and passed out to people along our adventures (drag queen named Monistat, Ric the tattoo artist, our server at Carthay Circle in Disneyland California Adventure, our monorail driver).

Like I said, this was year 5. It was pretty fucking amazing. These ladies do not disappoint. Don’t know how we’re going to top it next year.

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