Record album inheritance

We’ve been going over hundreds of records the last couple of days. Cole has inherited the record collections which belonged to his father, stepmother, and even some of his mother’s albums that his dad still had. I’ve been using the Discogs app to catalog the collection of what we’re keeping. We’ve got a bunch we’re keeping, a bunch we’re selling, and a bunch that we’ve put aside to listen to before we decide what we’re doing with them. So, you know, if anyone wants a shit ton of Neil Diamond or Barry Manilow, lemme know. We’ll give you a good price. Also, a metric shit ton of Loggins and Messina.

Here’s a little taste of some of the albums:

I fucking love the Monkees:

This Barbra album comes with a poster, which is actually still with the album:

I’d never heard of Bread and I don’t care. We’re totally getting rid of these. We just found it hilarious that there was a bunch of Bread albums.


Fuck yes Hall and Oates! I’m a bit of a coconut, if you don’t know that (brown on the outside, white on the inside).

There were actually two copies of Flashdance. I’m all about it.

LOL WTF? Honk? Not keeping it, but it made us laugh.


There was also LOTS of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5ive, and more great stuff. Also a lot of Jimmy Buffett, which we’re going to listen to before deciding if we want to keep it.

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