Ukulele Lesson #2

So, lesson two was awesome. Looks like I may have a weird and useless hidden talent with the ukulele.

Sad news is that my instructor has over-committed himself and doesn’t think he can continue our lessons, which makes us both sad. Good thing is that his roommate is an awesome ukulele teacher and he’s going to put me in contact with him. I’ll still have a couple more lessons with Scott, but I will likely be changing teachers.

I learned a couple more chords and worked more on a song I started learning last week including some new strum patterns. I’ve downloaded a metronome app for my phone. I’ll never be a drummer, that’s for sure. I keep speeding up just barely, especially on chords that are easy.

At one point Scott said his lowest string was out of tune. I played mine, then he played his. When he played his, my eye twitched. He laughed and said, “You can hear that? You really do have perfect pitch.” It wasn’t grossly out of tune, but I could hear it.

Then Scott asked me if I was interested in songwriting. I shrugged so he thought it would be a good idea to go through a songwriting exercise. He guided me through it and I ended up writing a song about cheese. I don’t remember the melody but I remember the lyrics:

I had macaroni and cheese and butter

but no milk

Even though plans may not be as they seem

Doesn’t mean you can’t have cheese

It was a bad decision anyway because I’m lactose intolerant

Even though plans may not be as they seem

Doesn’t mean you can’t have cheese

It was not a good song. I couldn’t get through it without giggling at the absurdity. No, you’re never going to hear me sing it. You can write your own music to it if you like and sing it to yourself. I do remember that what came out of me was very folk-rock sounding, which was interesting in its own way.

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