Hey cis white allies: be mindful

Hello cis white people allies! Some of you are being unintentionally shitty and I’m going to tell you how so maybe you can think about changing it.

Stop fucking reposting hatred. When you repost images of swastikas and graffiti with “nigger” across the wall and other images of hatred, that’s really fucking triggering for those of us in the groups it’s aimed at.

I realize you’re doing it to point and laugh, or to point and sigh, or to just point. I realize you do not have malicious intent. BUT EITHER WAY, YOU ARE SPREADING THE HATE. You are reminding those of us who live with the hate every day about the hate which is not helpful at all. It only increases fear and anxiety for those of us it’s aimed at.

If the image is linked to an article, you can hide the picture and still post the article. If it’s just a picture to spread images of hate, then you’re being part of the problem.

Do what you will. But I wanted to say this because I don’t think some of you have even considered the impact.

For more on what you can do as allies, see this link: Share this: Some Hard Truths and Ally Resources

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