We saw “Loving” the film

We went to see “Loving” while it was still in the theatres because it is really important to us to support this film. It’s a story that needs to be told and many people don’t know it.

The short version: Richard and Mildred Loving were an interracial couple who wanted to stay living in Virginia. Interracial marriages were illegal. The ACLU represented the Lovings in a case against Virginia which was presented before the Supreme Court of the United States, which ruled against miscegenation laws and that marriage is a basic civil right.

This decision helped support equal marriage rights for everyone in recent history. Gay marriage, or, as I like to call it: marriage.

Links for more info:

Loving: The official film site

Loving v. Virginia on Wikipedia

Loving Day on Wikipedia


We really enjoyed the film, though it was at times very tough to watch as it is deeply personal. I admit, I was nervous going into it. There are so many current terrible triggering things I see, I didn’t want to go watch a film with more overt acts of racism. But the filmmaker did not unnecessarily dramatize the story. There was no KKK. No burning crosses. But there was plenty of mostly non-violent racism. That’s what makes it so insidious. And it was from all around: law enforcement, family, “friends”. The racism was in the looks, the language, the side comments.

The Lovings were not activists. They were people who wanted to live their lives and raise their family. They didn’t want attention, they wanted equality.

Even though miscegenation laws were overturned due to the Loving case in 1967, South Carolina still had the laws on the books until 1998. Alabama still had the laws in their constitution until 2000. More info here.

I highly recommend seeing this movie. I hope that it’s an Academy Award contender. Bring your young adults. This is knowledge that is still in living memory, and we cannot afford for it to be forgotten.

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  1. Thanks for talking about this movie. I studied the Loving case in a constitutional law class once. I’ve really got to see this flick.

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