Learning to walk away

Last night we went to see a production of Roger’s and Hammerstein’s The King and I. During intermission, Cole and I went out to the foyer to stretch our legs. We ended up standing next to a group of women who are best described as “basic“. No T, No Shade, that’s just the best description. Unfortunately, we were close enough to them to hear their conversations:

Woman 1: Where is this show supposed to be taking place?

Woman 2: They keep calling it Zion. That’s the old name of Vietnam.

Woman 3: Are you sure it’s Vietnam?

Woman 2: Well that’s where Zion is.


I couldn’t handle it. I turned to them and said, “It’s taking place in Thailand.”


Woman 1: Really?

Woman 2: But they keep saying Zion.

Woman 4: I think you’re thinking of Saigon.

Woman 2: Ooooooh.


If you are unfamiliar with the show, they aren’t saying Zion or even Saigon. They are very clearly saying SIAM, WHICH IS THE OLD NAME FOR THAILAND.

I was so taken aback by their ignorance that I asked Cole if we could stand somewhere else because I just. couldn’t. handle. it. I know that not everyone knows that Thailand used to be Siam. I get that. But for some reason in my head I feel that if you can afford to go see a show, you should have this basic knowledge. And I know that makes no sense at all.

But also, ALSO, DO YOU LIVE UNDER A FUCKING ROCK?! How can you be a human in California, especially Los Angeles, and not recognize the Thai culture in the costuming and set design and also, I don’t know, oh maybe when they fucking POINT TO IT ON A MAP DURING THE SHOW?!

The education systems is failing us all.

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