New Lippy & Perfume

Yesterday we went to Besame Cosmetics so I could get their new lipstick color, 1952 Wild Orchid. They posted about it on their blog and what drew me in was seeing it look stunning on a wide variety of skin tones. I’m absolutely in love with it.

They also have a line of fragrances based off decades from 1910 through 1960. My beloved grandmother was born around 1920 and every fragrance from 1930 through 1960 gave me a rush of memories. My smell memory of my grandmother is very strong. She also had a lot of scented products, as she sold AVON for decades. The 1950 Besame fragrance was most reminiscent of the favorite scent my grandmother wore, possibly AVON Hawaiian White Ginger if I recall correctly. They come in a sleek roller ball applicator so it’s easy to put on just a tiny bit, as I feel one should.

What I wasn’t prepared for was then smelling like my grandmother and with each inhale, my heart would break because I still miss her terribly. The perfume maybe wasn’t my best idea but I think I’ve gotten past my initial shock and I’m going to keep with it because it smells lovely.

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