How many days since…

I’m still fighting off this most recent bout of depression. I’m doing better than I was about a month ago, that’s for sure. But occasionally I’ll still start crying at the drop of a hat, or when Cole does something totally harmless.

A couple weeks ago, in bed:

Cole: How are you doing?

Me: <starts crying out of nowhere>

Cole: I’m going to make one of those “It’s been this x number of days since Suzi last cried” signs.

Me: We should also make one that’s like, “It’s been x number of days we have been together successfully without a dinosaur attack.”

Cole: Uh, okay…

Me: So we can say, well, it’s only been 2 days since Suzi last cried BUT it’s been 1,841 days that we’ve been together without a dinosaur attack so not everything is terrible.

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