I Have a Thing for Unusual Soda Pop

Let me first say that I don’t drink a lot of soda. It’s unhealthy and makes me feel gross. There are other things that I prefer that are unhealthy and make me feel gross so, out with the soda unless it abides by at least one of my three rules:

1) I’m on an airplane and therefore, drinking ginger ale because that’s what you do on airplanes.

2) It’s with booze e.g., rum and Coke.

3) It’s uncommon, at least here in CA.

If I’m in a BevMo! I’ll browse their soda selection though, if I’m in a BevMo!, I’m not really there for soda. Last weekend we had some time to kill before going to The Bunny Museum, so we went to Galco’s. It was my first time there and it was definitely not my last. Galco’s has some booze, but you don’t go there for the booze. You go there for their AMAZING selection of soda as well as a fine selection of old timey/American regional candies. I got 4 different sodas to try.

First up: Birch Beer

I used to drink birch beer like it was going out of style when I lived in Philadelphia. Luckily, it’s hard to find here in CA unless you go to a specialty store. It’s like root beer, but better imho.

Next: Sweet Blossom Lavendar Soda

I like floral-flavored things. Not because I think they’re good, but because they just taste odd in a “hmm, this is weird, here, YOU try it” kind of way. This soda, unfortunately, was too light on the lavender flavor for me. It was very citrus-y and I agree with the person at Soda Pop Reviews. By the way, I had no idea that site existed until just now.

Next: Bundaberg Guava

I bought this soda for two reasons. One, I like guava flavored things. Second, it has bunda in the title. “Bunda” is the term Brazilians use to refer to their (or others’) ass. Yes, that ass that you see shaking in sequins during Carnival in Rio. Since I am immature, it made me laugh and so I bought the soda. It was fucking delicious. It tasted like guava not bunda, though I know some people who would totally be into bunda-flavored soda and I say good for them. This soda is quite different than Jarritos guava which is pretty intense. Bundaberg’s guava was rather light. Very tasty.

Finally: Taylor’s Tonics Mate Colada

When I saw this sitting on the shelf, I immediately started getting angry. Almost everything about this soda fills me with hate. It looked terrible. So I bought it to try it. It was foul. I drank the whole thing just to punish myself for wasting money on something I knew I’d hate.

I welcome any soda recommendations you have!

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