Pattypalooza 2012

My birthday was on April 1st (NO JOKE) and if you missed it, I am still open to accepting presents for the next…forever.

I decided to have my birthday celebration at Dimples, an awesome dive karaoke bar in Burbank (more on that later). I loves the karaoke. I also loves LEGO. So imagine my shock when I got this in the mail:

Yes folks, it’s basically a LEGO version of ME. When I got the package in the mail, I shook it (duh) and I was like, “oh, LEGO! Cool!” and then I opened it and hyperventilated and almost shit myself. I’m typically against making “LEGO for girls” and that whole idea. Something about it bothers me. I’d never even seen these.

I also got this apron, which is absolutely adorable:

A friend of mine has taken it upon herself to purchase me clothing to wear on dates, so she bought me this shirt and these panties:

I also have to share a couple of wonderful cards I got:

I also got this beautiful Alice in Wonderland puzzle that I haven’t put together yet, so no picture aside from the one at the link.

So, as my birthday was on a Sunday, I decided to have the celebration the night before. As I mentioned, we went to Dimples karaoke lounge in “Beautiful downtown Burbank.”  It is divey. Extra wonderfully divey. On the homepage they have live streaming video so that my friends and family that weren’t able to be there could watch us sing. They claim to be the first karaoke club in America. The song book is decent  but in no way comparable to that of my hometown karaoke bar, The Mint Karaoke.

I’d made reservations for my group about a month in advance because I didn’t know how popular the place was (note: it got quite full, and it’s a large place). It also had a lot of people show up quite early due to the cattle call for NBC’s The Voice being that day. So, we got to hear a wide mix of good singers and not good singers, as it seemed to be a place for all the rejects to meet up sing some songs, and drown their sorrows in weak drinks.

I brought some homemade vanilla DIY funfetti cupcakes with a fresh strawberry buttercream. My group of people did a damned good job of eating them, but I had tons to share so I walked around the place and handed out cupcakes to random people.

Dimples does the same thing for every person that has a birthday there. First, we get a DVD of the entire evening. Then, we get a group picture and another picture (which I will not share) where they take the birthday person and one of their friends and put them in a seemingly compromising position…okay, I’m being vague. They made my friend (who is gay, male, and has a husband) sit on a stool. Then they made me get on my knees and put my mouth against a shot glass filled with booze and whipped cream that was between my friend’s legs. Then, they took a picture. There were 10,000 things awkward about this including but not limited to my father, stepmother, and younger sister being present. They have a color printer there and they print out copies of all the pictures they take of your group and give them to you. They also give your entire group a champagne toast AND as the birthday girl, I got a Dimple’s t-shirt:

Oh yes. All this is mine. Also, the KJ would read aloud some of the shirt over the mic as in “Are you going to Stay Sexy? Stay Hip? Stay Slim? Stay over?” and wait patiently for my answers. They do ALL OF THIS at no additional charge and they do it for EVERY BIRTHDAY in the house. After about 4 rounds of all this, it got to be a bit much.

My birthday dress was the Deadly Dames Vamp dress in Tiger Print from Pinup Girl Clothing. And maybe, just maybe, I bought my tiger print futon cover knowing that someday I would want to take this picture:

It’s so that I can sneak up on my prey when they enter my den, obviously.

Another highlight of the evening was getting a picture with Mr. Dennis Haskins who is best known for his role as Mr. Belding on the TV Show “Saved By The Bell:”

He was very nice and a super good sport about people wanting pictures with him. He also kept yelling “birthday girlllllll!!!!” at me every time I passed him. I’m not going to lie, IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!

One of the most life-affecting things that happened that evening was meeting, nay, EXPERIENCING The Original Johnny Blaze:

He is so intense! He is an entertainer and he is fucking IN IT TO WIN IT! If you go to his site, you can see more of his videos which, coincidentally, are all of him singing at Dimples. He gave all of us his card and I keep it in my wallet because it makes me smile.

And I really don’t have anything to add after that. It was by far one of my best birthdays. Thanks to all the family and friends who showed up, sent cards, watched the live streaming video, mailed birthday presents, and otherwise wished me a happy birthday! Rawr!

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