I’m a Fool for Fun Packaging

The design team at ONE Condoms is full of clever people. Just look at the site! You could store your ONE Condoms in a Pringle-esque type container!

The fun is the actual packaging of the condoms. Okay, I lied. Ideally, the fun is the sex that I’d be having using said condoms, but meanwhile, while condom shopping, it’s totally fun to look at all these cool designs.

I’m not endorsing ONE Condoms, I’m just saying “look at the pretty packaging!” For the record, the right condom for one person may not be right for another. I could do a huge post about this, but I don’t like doing double-work. Violet Blue (site Not Safe For Work) has some succinct, general info about condoms about halfway down this page and for a wide selection (pun intended), check out Condomania.

Why am I posting about condoms? Is it because I’m a sex educator and I’m trying to be subversive on my blog which is mainly about nonsense? Heavens no! This was all just set up for this picture:

When I lived in Oakland, my amazing roommate went out and bought me this condom. With a dog on it. And left it sitting outside my bedroom door. Because she’s a goddamned comedian.

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