And another thing, Hell-A

There is a cloying sense of entitlement here in LA that most visibly manifests in the way people drive and even ride their bikes.

First of all, why are bicyclists riding on the sidewalk when there’s a perfectly fine street a couple feet over? And then they get all butt-hurt that I’m walking.  On the sideWALK. Not the sideRIDEYOURBIKE.

We all know driving in LA sucks and people driving in LA suck. They also don’t give pedestrians the right of way. In their defense, there are rarely pedestrians in LA; however, I don’t think that’s an excuse to stop your vehicle in the middle of the crosswalk when you have a red light.

My *favorite* is the red light runners. People here run red lights like it’s nothing but the best part is that they honk their horns as they’re going through, as to say, “I’m running this light and it’s against the law but I am entitled to do it because I’m honking my horn to let you know that I’m being an asshole. lolz!”

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