Smorgasburg LA

A few weeks ago I get a text. These are not the exact words but I tried to capture the feeling of it:

Debbie (friend): Hey, I’m going to be in LA in a few weeks. Wanna go eating?


Debbie: The Museum of Broken Relationships is nearby, wanna go crying after we go eating?


Debbie: ME TOO.

This Sunday, we at least made it to the eating part which came in the form of Smorgasburg LA. It’s a little bit of shopping a a lotta bit of food in the LA Arts District. Lots of food trucks, lots of booths. My favorite thing (Debbie is to blame) was from Chichi Dango: Hawaiian Shave Ice with homemade chichi dango (mochi-like), strawberry puree, popping boba, snow cap (condensed milk), and an AMAZING vanilla soft serve in the center. It’s what I’m holding in the picture below and I could have eaten the whole thing myself (but I shared with Cole). Not pictured is the lovely gourmet grilled cheese I had from Cheezus. Anyone that incorporates Fontina and basil into their grilled cheese is a friend of mine.

There was a ton of seafood at Smorgasburg (which I can’t eat because I’m allergic to seafood) and they were even serving whole sea urchins! I had some great ube ice cream and some mango coconut ice cream and pulled pork nachos that were a bit too spicy for me but they had really good flavor.

Smorgasburg LA is every Sunday from 10a to 4p in Downtown LA. It’s free to get in and there’s a large parking garage nearby (yay parking). We will most definitely go again.

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Book Riot Post: Bookish Cupcakes

Here’s a link to my latest on Book Riot:

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New (to me) crock pot recipe: chicken, potatoes, green beans

Yesterday I tried this recipe for Seasoned Chicken, Red Potatoes, and Green Beans made in a crock pot. I went home during lunch and got it going so that it would be ready by the time I got home after work. It was pretty wonderful. The chicken just fell apart. I’d definitely make it again. It was quite easy with little prep.


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Wonderful World of Waffles

Coleman chose this at his family’s Xmas gift exchange. On purpose. BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME.



So, I gave it a go. Used Bisquick because I fucking love Bisquick and I am lazy.



They don’t look too great from the top side, but if you flip them over:


THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF WAFFLES YOU HAS EVER SEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! They are tiny so one go-round of mix made DOZENS of sea waffles. We put them in a ziplock bag in the freezer so now we just need to pop a couple in the toaster when we want them.

Something I am unsure about is the idea that making sea waffles is terrible for someone with my OCD as I try to pour batter into every nook or that it was made specifically for someone with my OCD BECAUSE LOOK AT THEM!

Of course, I posted this to Facebook and just today my friend posted that she got Waffle Zoo, a waffle iron which makes a lion, an elephant, and a giraffe. Then, against my warnings, she started exploring the dark depths of the waffle iron section of Apparently there is a waffle iron that will give you Texas-shaped waffles and this this thing of amazement, a bubble waffle iron, which gives you these:


They remind me of what I imagine little, connected aebleskivers would look like. DELICIOUS.

I only own the sea waffle iron, but I think that 3 is a reasonable number of waffle irons for a person to own before she becomes “crazy waffle iron lady.”


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