Well, this is awkward

A few weeks ago we walked into a restaurant to order take away. As we approached the counter, the woman behind the counter acknowledged us then grabbed a broom and dustpan and went outside to sweep. So we just stood there as no one came to help us. We just stood there, looking around, wondering who was supposed to help us and Cole said, “I’m pretty sure the person who is supposed to be taking our order is the one who looked directly at us then went outside to sweep.” Cole just stood there with a “Can you believe this shit?” look on his face and I just shrugged. She came back after a while, and took our order.

As we waited for our food, I said to Cole, “Now you’ve had a teeny tiny taste of what it’s like to be a person of color.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Walking into stores or restaurants and getting completely ignored. At least we didn’t have to practically beg for help like I often have to do at Macy’s.”

“Wow, that’s awful.”

“Yup, it’s pretty terrible.”

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The Hilarity of Racism in Pasadena, CA

I come from the San Francisco Bay Area where people tend to be more undercover about their racism. I know it’s there, I’ve experienced it, but it’s not all out in the open like here in Pasadena, CA. I’ve only been here 3 months and I’ve already been reminded repeatedly that I have a higher melanin production rate than the general Pasadena population.

I’ve been trying my hand at dating, something I excelled at in SF but seems to be a bit crap down here. Too many douchebags, not enough geeks and Europeans (even though I work at a nerd-factory). Sorry that you’re so LA, Los Angeles. So a couple months ago I got an unnecessarily racist rejection. It was, “oh, you’re black. I’d fuck you, but I wouldn’t date you.” What exactly was he expecting me to say? “oh good, because I only fuck racists and don’t date them, so we’re golden!”

And before you think, “oh my Darwin how can anyone be racist toward her? She’s so smart and awesome,” that thought in itself is bad news. It’s saying racism only happens to those other people with brown skin, and not the educated ones.

I went into a Macy’s (there are like a million in this town) and was looking at their shoe selection. I found a pair I wanted to try on and was holding a shoe waiting for someone to help me get my size. I got stared at by multiple employees and yet no one offered to help. I finally pulled one aside and asked why I wasn’t being helped. She said, “oh sorry, didn’t see you there.” Really? REALLY? What did you think I was, a shadow? Is Peter Pan floating around looking for me so Wendy can sew me back on to him?

My favorite so far was on my walk home after work one day. There was a guy walking in front of me. He heard me about 20 feet behind him and turned his head to look. He continued walking. Finally at one point, he did the classic stop-and-pretend-to-look-at-my-phone-while-the-scary-person-behind-me-passes-me-so-they-aren’t-behind-me-anymore-and-I-can-feel-safe-again thing that women do. Really, guy? I didn’t point out that he was the same sex and race as most serial killers. I also didn’t point out that he’s a pussy being scared of the woman who is almost a foot shorter than he and wearing glasses, a pencil skirt, and a Cardigan from Talbot’s. Really, guy? If I wasn’t shocked I would have yelled “boo!” when I passed him.

Pasadena, you are full of winners.

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