I Heart Comics

I started reading between age 3-4. The kindergarten teachers actually discouraged my mother from making any further progress with my literacy because they feared I would get bored at school. I was reading the usual Dr. Seuss and picture books, but I also began enjoying reading comics, even though I didn’t get the idea all the time. Garfield, Archie, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Richie Rich (LOVED Richie Rich), and my favorite Hot Stuff the Little Devil. When I got a little older, it was all about the X-Men, Batman, and Calvin & Hobbes.

I still read comics. Mostly manga, graphic novels, and my daily (very many) webcomics. One of the awesome things about being a fan nowadays is that sometimes there are opportunities to meet the artists/authors.

For example, Zach Weiner from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal came to speak at Caltech a couple months ago. Here’s a photo of him drawing a self-portrait:

He was gracious enough to stay and autograph books. I always think it’s special when people make time for their fans, especially as he described his insane schedule. But wait, there’s more! I’d actually gotten a picture with him at last year’s Wondercon:

He was not only posing for pictures, but he would draw whatever you want for a small small fee. I asked for a sad Batman. This is what I got:

SMBC Comics aren’t the only webcomics I read, of course. I just happen to have pictures and stories to go with.

Here are SOME of the other webcomics I recommend:

Perry Bible Fellowship
optipess (recommended for fans of PBF)
Cyanide and Happiness (not for the weak of humor)
Girls with Slingshots
Married to the Sea (brilliant single-panel comics)
A Softer World
The Oatmeal
Hyperbole and a Half
Least I Could Do (which is kind of serious right now, for a change)
and of course
Unshelved (woo library humor!)

As for analog comics, I’m a bit behind but I’ve started reading CHEW which I love. I’ve only gotten through the first two volumes. The third is sitting here waiting for me.

Graphic novels and manga are another story and really, just look at my Goodreads shelf to check out what I’ve read lately.

Moral of the story: Read more comics. Comics are good.