New* Art!

Wayyyyy back in March, I went to Wondercon as usual. But it wasn’t as usual, because this year it was in Anaheim instead of San Francisco. It definitely lost some of its cool and laid back feel by being down here in SoCal. Highlight of the day was getting to meet Danielle Corsetto, the creator of Girls With Slingshots (one of my favorite webcomics).  One of the characters, Clarice, worked as a Professional Dominatrix (works? is she still Domme-ing part-time?) to get herself through a graduate program to earn her Master’s in Library and Information Science so she could be a librarian. I asked Danielle to draw a picture of Clarice looking both librarian-y and Dominatrix-y and I got this:

Once I get a frame, it shall hang in my office. In the library building.

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